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What is the meaning of life?

Everywhere in the world I see people with different meanings of life. One person try to be the best that he can get at football, the second spends 12 hours a day at his job to get a successful job-carrier, and the third have five children that she tries to raise. If you ask each one of them “what is your meaning of life?” They will probably have different answers. The first will probably say: To be as good as I can get on football. The second will probably say: To get a successful job-carrier. And the third will probably say: To rise my children so that they are well prepared for live.

This is people that have created their own values. People that have created their own meaning of life. Or have they? Is meaning of life something that we create. Something that we want to create – that is in your genes? Do all different meanings of life have something in common, do they all come from the same source?

For the animals and maybe also for the man that lived thousands of years ago the will to survive and the will to propagate was the meaning of life. It still is, but nowadays people spend time on things that maybe gives similar feelings but are on different motives. Is all the will to our interest, hobbies and other meanings of life substitute for the most basic drifts of life?

For example: For thousands of years ago people often lived in groups to survive. The hunted together, helped each other to defend each other against predators, and so on. The all benefited on it, and to be in a group was probably necessary for survival. To be accepted in a group of the other group-members was an insurance not to get thrown out of the group – get alone and probably die. To be very popular was probably an advantage to reproduce oneself. So the two most basic drifts of humans is united whit acceptant of a group, and to be popular in the group.

Everywhere I look at people I can see marks on this in peoples meanings of life. People base their meanings of life to get attention, to be accepted, and vanity. It’s all about getting the felling of acceptant and the felling to be popular. For many, that’s the meaning of life. Can we use this to our advantage? Can we change it?

The most important thing to creatures is to spread their genes. Why? To secure that our genes spread to other inviduals? Why? To influence other people whit our genes as much as possible. The last one is hypothetic and maybe an illusion. But, let’s say it’s true, or that we make it true. Then there maybe is a better way to influence? To influence mankind not only whit genes, but whit knowledge – to make that a part of the meaning of our life – a substitute for spreading our genes. From the drift of mating. The vanity will still be there (it has only changed its motive). But what about the second most basic drift (two survive) and the fear of dying. Can we change it? Is it possible not to fear, or to fear but don’t care about the fear?

The fear that we will die and not be able to influence any more will still be there, but what about if the insight that we need to feel fear to spread our self into the world will be greater? What will then happen?

Let’s continue to create the meanings of your life! To create your own values. But let’s think about what motives for the meanings of the life that we create.

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